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Right at this moment the vulcano Etna is erupting. The Etna vulcano is situated on the Italian island of Sicily. And is one of the most active vulcanos in the world !
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A beautiful display of #mammatus clouds in Belgium 27.02.2017.

We thank Bert Depotter for reporting!

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Record amount of #snow for February in Reykjavik, #Iceland. Snow depth was measured at 51 cm at 9AM this morning (Feb 26) in the capital which breaks the record of 48 cm in February in 1952.

We thank Muhammed Emin Kizilkaya for sending his pictures!

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Low temperatures occured in #Scandinavia and #Finland last night. Even -32,8°C was measured in the Village of Lokka which is located in Finnish Lapland. The weather was #cold in the #Baltic States too. According to the model predictions, the weather could become much warmer in Northern Europe next week. A little question to our followers, how cold or #warm was the weather in your country last night or this morning? Please report here in the comments.

Source: Juha Jantunen via FMI


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During storm #Thomas yesterday over Essen Germany an impressive #arcus developed for a while. Notice the precipitation in the distance behind the leading edge of the front.

Photo by Udo Jürgensen.


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++ A zonal pattern brings more unsettled spells ++

According to the latest model runs by gfs 0.25° a more zonal circulation is expected from now on. Gfs indicates and is determined on this for a few days and with different indices.


Snowy weather conditions in Kehtna, #Estonia 24.02.2017. A lot of snow has fallen today in the western part of Estonia.

Source: Kristo Zubov

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Heavy #snowfall in Rapla County, #Estonia (Feb 24). A person from Rapla also reported that they have nearly 15 cm of #snow. An occluded front extends over Estonia and this slowly continues moving southeast towards Latvia and Russia. Snowfall is mainly related to #cumulonimbus clouds. These clouds keep forming on the Gulf of Finland. Road conditions have become difficult in many counties and the visibilty is very bad in the snowfall, according to some reports, it is locally under 100 meters.

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Today's satellite image reveals the sharp boundary where snowfall occurred in Denmark and S Sweden during the passage of storm Doris yesterday. While the storm was centered over S Denmark temperatures reduced dramatically on the northern flank of the storm accompanied by temperature gradients of up to 5°c in just 15km of distance. Precipitation therefor fell as snow.

Source; NASA worldview
Thanks Danny Høgsholt: Meteorolog og vejrvært på TV 2 for pointing it out

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Very strong winds yesterday (Feb 23) in the Netherlands. Impressive footage and thank you for reporting, Marco!

A #snowsquall occured near Avispea, #Estonia this afternoon. The visibilty was reduced, road conditions became very snowy only with a short time.

Video: Meteo Europe / Kairo Kiitsak

Meteo Europe's Sven is now at the northsea preparing for storm Doris !

For a short time thats left untill sunset, watch Schiphol-Airport live during landing in Storm Doris.

EK17 Dubai to Manchester struggling the storm during the landing today. As so many A380's, they couldn't manage the windforces and diverted to other,more quiet airports like EK147 to Amsterdam did to Frankfurt.

Source: and

Impressive gusts accompanied by storm #Doris which exceed 150 km/h easily currently over England, while it rapidly moves in a E/SE direction to affect next Benelux and W Germany.

The next few hours start to be more unsettled. Estimated pressure drop to 975 mb accompanied with gusts in excess of 140 km/h are expected along coastal areas and 100 km/h inland for Benelux.

Visible on this WV sat imagery is the well defined dry intrusion and dry line currently over W Netherlands;

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